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Atlantech Systems is a New York based Worldwide product rep, distributor, fabricator and installer of custom skylights, daylighting and photovoltaic systems for commercial and high-end residential applications.

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One of a Kind Custom Specialties

One of
a Kind Custom Specialties

Glass bottom fountains, and reflecting pools

ATLANTECH Systems was approached by the builder as to the feasibility of providing a 12’ x 50’ skylight which would act as the floor of a fountain to bring natural light into a pool area located below.

The custom skylight would have 12” of water sitting on top of it at all times.
Working with the building’s design team, Atlantech custom designed and installed this skylight system which incorporated multiple levels of waterproofing and drainage, while accommodating attachments for plumbing, electrical and stone work, as well as maintenance access. Still, other applications of custom walkable skylight are interior skylights that are used as flooring for building interiors. This is also called glass flooring.

There are a number of glass products on the market sold as structural glass flooring including panels, pavers and planks. Because of the custom nature of walkable skylight and structural glass flooring systems, we strongly suggest contacting us during the initial design phase of your project.




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Custom Glass
Home Solutions

If your home requires a creative solution to allow daylight into your living space while being a functional entrance, or usable space Atlantech can assist in the design, fabrication, and installation of these custom needs. Please contact us for guidance on how to make your glazing dreams a reality.

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