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Custom walkable skylights are used in a variety of applications, one of which is when natural daylight is desired through an overhead skylight that also may support an active pedestrian walkway above.

Still, other applications of custom walkable skylight are interior skylights that are used as flooring for building interiors.  This is also called glass flooring.  There are a number of glass products on the market sold as structural glass flooring including panels, pavers and planks.

Atlantech Systems designs, engineers and installs custom walkable skylight and glass flooring systems to the desires and specifications of the end user, which means there is never a one size fits all approach to the system.  We can do this because your design concepts are not limited to the standard product lines of the manufacturers.

Because of the custom nature of walkable skylight and structural glass flooring systems, we strongly suggest contacting us during the initial design phase of your project.

Manhattan brownstone, Private residence

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