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Basic Glass Information and Glossary of Terms

The glazing information below applies to the lowest level of acceptable glass performance.  This information is applicable to sloped glazing installations.  It is advised that you contact the technical department of a glass manufacturer when special or non-standard applications are considered.

1. For safety, the core of all glass make-ups must be laminated.  A  P.V.B. interlayer of .030 inches minimum is required for laminated glass.  This application is for all installations using an angle of 15 degrees or more from vertical.

2. Glass for typical skylight applications use inch layers of glass.  Thickness may be reduced to 3/16 inch which results in a slightly lower cost.  Glass layers less than 3/16 inch is not recommended due to the increased possibility of shipping, installation and thermal breakage.

3. Heat strengthening should be applied to the exterior lite of an insulating unit. When sizes are less than 24 square feet, there may be allowable exceptions for using annealed glass.

4. The distributor ‘s sales representative should be consulted when the maximum  lite glass overhead is more than 40 square feet.

5. Laminated lite has a maximum width of 82” to 84” based on the supplier.  Alternative size and make-up guidelines may apply to individual products including:

Glass bending


Ceramic frit patterns

Translucent P.V.B. interlayers


6. At least 15 degrees of pitch is required for sloped glass on the horizontal to maintain drainage on the exterior and limit the dripping of condensation that can form on the interior of the project.  Warranties for sloping areas less than ten degrees from horizontal are limited or excluded by glass fabricators.

Atlantech will guide and consult you in choosing the right glass.  We can supply or obtain specific glass product information on request.  A qualified H.V.A.C consult or engineer is recommended for a building performance analysis to determine the specs required of the glass.

Contact Atlantech Systems for more information about glass guidelines. 


Basic Glass Information & Comparison of Finish Types

Anodized Finishes


Clear Class I & II

Bronze (Light Med Dark)

Black & Special Colors

Painted Finishes


Enamel Polyester

PVDF 500 Resin Based

1. Painted finishes are more popular and versatile because they offer an unlimited color palette and matching options.  With warranties up to 20 years, painted finishes have the longest durability.

2. Kynar 500 based resin paints (Acroflur Duranar Fluropon) and others are  the most popular. 

3. 70% PVDF paints are recommended for all exposed commercial exterior surfaces.  Light commercial, residential and interior surfaces are limited to the use of 50% PVDF resin paints.

4. PVDF paints are available in standard, custom, metallics and specialty colors.  A two coat system consisting of a base or primer coat and a finish coat is used for standard colors and many of the custom colors.  There are also some special colors that require a third clear coat to fully protect the surface from UV rays.  Lastly, some of the metallics require a fourth barrier coat applied between the base and the color coats and finished with a final clear coat. 

Contact Atlantech Systems for more information about finishes

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